Social discord worrisome: Ratan Thiyam

Though one can witness various statements in media made by different communities settling in the state about the love for their motherland, yet we are unable to see the love of their motherland through their actions, exclaimed renowned theatre director and recipient of Sangeet Natak Akademi award Ratan Thiyam.

Ratan Thiyam was speaking as chief guest of the closing function of silver jubilee celebration of AMUCO at Manipur State Film Development Society (MSFDS), Palace Compound here on Tuesday.

He further stated that the society in which we live today is filled with chaos and misunderstandings. “We are undoubtedly second class citizens and we should realise that there is no place for second class citizens in this 21st century and that this will lead to our own very extinction in the near future.”

Informing that we often mistake cultures with the dance and other art forms prevalent in the society, Ratan Thiyam said that culture means the respect one shows to others, the love he/she has for others and the discipline carried forward from their ancestors.

“Our tradition is to love and respect others and this tradition has been carried down from generations to generations. This is the reason why people of both the hills and valley in the state say that they are Manipuris,” the former director of National School of Drama maintained.

He also praised AMUCO for the laudable works carried out during its 25 years of existence and expressed hope that the organisation would continue to perform its good works in future as well.

Delivering the presidential speech, AMUCO president Ph Deban said that AMUCO has been carrying out various works in the state during the last 25 years following the advice of the people. Nothing has been done without the consent and advice of the people, he affirmed.

The organisation will further continue taking up activities for the welfare of the people with their support and advice.

The closing function was also attended by Senior Citizens for Society Manipur general secretary Prof L Sadananda, Poroty Writers’ Forum Tripura president G Biplav Sharma, Editor’s Guild Manipur president A Mobi and film forum Manipur president S Mangoljao as guests of honour.

Cultural troupes of different communities showcased their respective cultural dances during the function.

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