Dumping of non-Manipuris at Kpi peeves KYU

Winger passenger transporters operating in between Dimapur and Imphal continue to dump their non-local passengers at Kangpokpi DHQ in fear of JCILPS at Imphal after such an incident was first reported on Monday wherein 14 non-Manipuris were abandoned in front of TL Plaza, Kangpokpi bazar.
Two non-Manipuri passengers boarding a Winger vehicle (NL07T-0510) from Dimapur were dumped Wednesday, again at the same location.
On learning about incident, local youths under the aegis of Kangpokpi Youth Union intervened immediately and inquired the driver of the vehicle the reason for dumping the passengers and asked him to find them. But by then, two passengers were already out of sight and one roadside sugarcane juice vendor reported that the two passengers were seen boarding a Kangpokpi-Imphal passenger bus.
Driver of the winger who hesitated to disclose the destination of the two passengers said that the duo booked tickets from the Dimapur counter and boarded the vehicle. The driver failed to response positively when the youth inquired as to why the two passengers were dumped at Kangpokpi.
Some minutes later, another Winger bearing registration number MN06L-5425 was seen attempting to stop at the same location but on seeing the youth gathered there, it moved towards IT Road.
On suspicion, members of KYU immediately followed the vehicle and found it stopping near the AR Check Post while the driver was seen checking the Aadhaar Card and documents of some passengers.
The driver was attempting to unload some of the passengers but the KYU members asked the driver not to unload any of its passengers in the middle of the road and also asked the passengers not to comply if driver asked them to alight until they reach their destination.
Yet another passenger Winger belonging to Golden Express Winger Service stopped at the same location and an aged non-Manipuri was seen alighting from the vehicle. The elderly man said that he booked ticket for Imphal at Dimapur counter but hesitated to disclose as to why he got down at Kangpokpi.
Enraged over the situation, KYU summoned the driver and on being asked the reason for dumping its passengers, the driver disclosed that those manning the ticket counter asked him to unload the man here.
KYU members directed the driver to take the aged man till Imphal and sent them away.
Meanwhile, KYU, considering the mischievous intention of the Winger service providers, has asked the ticket counters and service providers concerned not to repeat such act in future within Kangpokpi DHQ and its surrounding areas.
“Kangpokpi is not a dustbin or a dumping centre for non-Manipuri people” said KYU while cautioning that KYU will not be responsible for any untoward incident in case winger drivers continue their mischievous act.

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