Students bearing brunt of agitations

IT is disheartening to learn that the on-going agitation in Manipur University and the cease work strike of government employees is threatening to ruin the precious career of thousands of students of Manipur. Regardless of charges and counter-charges being levelled against the parties in dispute, all obviously aimed at projecting self as righteous, it is an irony that there has been no concrete attempt being made to finding an amicable solution to the stalemate. Though there have been no serious disruptions caused to students who are appearing in semester examinations conducted under Manipur University, the varsity itself remaining virtually under lock and seal for over a fortnight testifies that the highest institute of learning in the state is rendered useless. While their seniors are already restricted from pursuing university education, students who recently cleared the HSLC and higher secondary examinations; and who are looking forward to set firm sight on their future careers, are also staring at an uncertain future on account of the pen down/cease work strike of JAC of AMTUC & AMGEO impeding smooth processing of important documents. As the Imphal West district deputy commissioner Naorem Praveen said on Tuesday, many of the students are experiencing huge inconveniences in trying to obtain documents such as income certificates and OBC certificates, which are required for getting admission in schools and colleges. In case the employees’ agitation continues then it could be safely concluded that the students who looking forward to enrol in higher secondary schools as well as colleges to pursue their academic interest will find themselves in a perilous situation.

For many years, maintaining proper academic calendar in the state had been a tough challenge on account frequent bandhs, strikes and boycotts ultimately derailing the education sector. While the earlier trend of social instability throwing normal academic chores out of gear has declined considerably since formation of the BJP-led government and its endeavour to settle genuine issues across the table, the present stalemate in Manipur University as well as employees’ stir also merit proper attention and concrete initiatives. As proper education is the right ingredient in the process of inculcating values to equip the learner lead a life that is satisfying to the individual and in accordance with the cherished values and ideals of the society, the government needs to explore all means and resources to restore normalcy in both educational institutions and government offices, which are vital organs in the realisation of a stable and progressive society. College education not only paves the path for pursuing of a career, but it also provides general knowledge and introduces real-life situations that help people learn about life and themselves. This is why a liberal education is considered so important for everyone to experience. As the world seems to be shrinking with so many international companies and free trade ruling the roost today, it is important that the future pillars of Manipur get informed about other cultures, languages and lifestyles – which will be possible only through higher education. As colleges also provide students with many opportunities to get involved in areas of interest outside of classrooms and for experiencing transition of life into adulthood, it is time that the government intervenes to resolve the impasse at the earliest possible.

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