Politics could be forsook but not integrity of Manipur: Biswajit

IMPHAL,2nd July: Works Minister Th Biswajit has said that the state government would not compromise on any matters relating to the territorial integrity of Manipur and informed that a committee would be visiting the areas embroiled in Border pillar issue, while stating that politics could be forsaken but the integrity of Manipur cannot be infringed upon. The minister made the statement during the inauguration of a Mission Diagnostic Laboratory at Minuthong Hafiz Hatta here Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, Biswajit affirmed that the government is very serious about all issues prevailing in Manipur, especially the issue surrounding the border pillars. Pime Minister Modi and other union ministers, in their visits to the state have repeatedly assured that the territorial integrity of Manipur will remain intact. No central leader, including the PM would lie to the people on such an important and serious issue, he contended.

He informed that the government has formed a committee to look into the border pillar issue and to ascertain whether Myanmar has encroached upon the Indian Territory or not. The committee had delayed an immediate visit to the border areas due to the just concluded meeting of BJP under the supervision of party national president Amit Shah, the minister conveyed.

Furthermore, Kiren Rijiju who visited the state a few days ago had stated that as India and Myanmar have a friendly relationship, it would not be much of a problem to ascertain if Myanmar indeed had infringed into Indian Territory. Thus, the committee would be visiting the border areas as soon as possible. “Not an inch of Manipur’s land would be compromised. Politics can be forsaken but territorial integrity of Manipur cannot be infringed upon”, Biswajit stated.

Regarding the inauguration of the diagnostic laboratory, Biswajit said that humans could live their lives fully if they are healthy. As such, diagnostic laboratories are very much important to test whether a person is healthy or not. There are many diagnostic laboratories in the state but there have been some that by mistake, had given wrong test results to patients. Such mistakes should be avoided at all costs, the minister stated, while urging the newly inaugurated laboratory to provide good services to all patients.

The function was also attended by Laboratory advisor Sayeed Ahmed, MLAs K Meghachandra and O Henary, Manipur State Minorities Commission chairperson Dr Syed Burhannuddin and Ex-Minister N Mangi as guests of honour. As part of the inaugural celebration, the Diagnostic Laboratory would be extending free blood and sugar test service on July 3.

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