CM vows for a prosperous state, warns striker enforcers

IMPHAL8th Aug: While declaring that the present government will lead Manipur to a new era of development, chief minister N Biren cautioned that the government will take stringent actions against those organisations and individuals which/who pose hindrances to the state’s progress. Urging the people to give a chance to the present government in taking Manipur to new heights of posterity during his speech at the Manipur Startup Conclave 2018 at City Convention Centre, Palace Compound on Wednesday, the chief minister affirmed that the government is committed to bring peace, stability and unity in the state.

Stating that the government is in the process of forming a policy to take legal action against those who call and observe general strikes and bandhs in the state, he also confided that the government has started consulting legal experts to formulate such a provision as general strikes and bandhs affect normal life and business.

“Everyone has the right to protest, but doing so by affecting the lives of common people is undemocratic and unacceptable,” Biren said, while hitting out at those who frequently call general strikes and bandhs. Apparently referring to the series of agitations enforced in the state on various issues, he reminded all concerned that the Supreme Court has declared bandhs as unconstitutional and as such those disrupting public life are liable to face suitable action.

Various national and international firms that sought to invest in the state emphasises on safety, he said and noted with regret that uploading pictures and videos of tyres being burnt on road and vehicles stopped during bandhs on social media create an image where business transaction cannot be processed smoothly.

The government would always be there to hear the grievances of the people and ready to solve any problem in the state, he said, and mentioned that every state has its own problem/issue and there is no state or country which is free from problem. Reiterating his appeal to the people to abandon the culture of calling bandhs and blockades over issues that could be settled through the process of dialogue, the CM conveyed that Manipur will leap forward in the next 5-10 years once ‘we shelve the bandh mentality’.

He maintained that firms including reputed companies are reluctant to invest or set up their business in the state due to the situation along with stating that people want peace and tranquillity in the state. “Today is a historic day for Manipur as we witness the roll out of an ambitious programme “Start-Up Policy” and opening of land route for immigration flow between India and Myanmar at Moreh. Since its inception, the present Government has been trying its level best to bring development and good governance in the State”.

He mentioned that the aim objective of launching the Manipur Start-Up scheme is to unleash the potential, talents and entrepreneurship skills of the state. He further stated that the Manipur Start-Up Policy would nurture and encourage Start-ups and Entrepreneurs in job creation and economic growth in the State.


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