Gaikhangam raises posers on FA-spurred special session

IMPHAL,8th Aug: After rejecting the request to extend the last state assembly session, convening a special session to discuss Framework Agreement is highly apprehensive, said AICC’s CWC member and former Dy CM Gaikhangam. Speaking to some media persons on Wednesday, Gaikhangam conveyed that Congress requested the government to extend the last assembly session for a couple of days to discuss the present issues faced by the state. However, the CM rejected the proposal and now the government is convening a special session to discuss the Framework Agreement, which has created a sense of apprehension among the public.

Accusing the government of imposing its diktats on the people and saying whatever it wants without any future vision, he said that it is highly suspicious if the state will be safer under the present government. BJP often talks about unity, integrity and protecting the state. On the other hand, it is going hand in hand with NPF, whose foremost objective is Naga unification, he said, while questioning the alliance of the two parties. There must have been an agreement between the two and how will BJP escape from the agreement, he enquired while terming BJP as a double standard party.

Moreover, NPF and NPP have four MLAs each but NPF is remaining satisfied with a single ministerial berth against all four of NPP. As such, there must be an agreement, which could pose threat to the unity and integrity of the state, he contended. Regarding the MU impasse, the former Dy CM alleged that the BJP government does not want peaceful solution to the issue. The proof of his claim is the official visit of an UGC team under the leadership of MU VC professor AP Pandey, who is on leave for one month in connection with a probe against him. In general, any official who is on leave in relation with an enquiry is barred from executing any official duties, he pointed out, while demanding the government to clarify the criteria and status of the leave granted to AP Pandey at the earliest.

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