AP Pandey resumes duty as VC, registrar extends leave

IMPHAL,1st Sep: In what could trigger another round of agitation in Manipur University, on leave vice-chancellor professor AP Pandey issued a circular informing all concerned that he had resumed duty in the varsity with effect from Saturday. Interestingly, registrar in-charge of Manipur University issued a notification extending the leave granted to VC professor AP Pandey till the completion of the enquiry and follow up action taken on the enquiry report by the competent authority.

The circular issued Saturday signed by professor AP Pandey himself was addressed to secretary to Governor of Manipur, secretary Ministry of HRD, chief secretary of Manipur, commissioner (higher & technical education) and the registrar of Manipur University. Prof Pandey also issued an ‘office order’ Saturday informing all concerned that professor M Shyamkesho shall perform the duty of registrar of Manipur University with immediate effect and said that the order has been made in supersession of notification No. MU/3-135/84/FCY/157 dated 23rd August, 2018 and in pursuant to the MHRD’s instructions contained in their letter F.No.33-6/2018-CU.IV, dated 24th August, 2018.

On the other hand, registrar in-charge of Manipur University professor Sh Dorendrajit Singh issued an ‘office order’ on August 30 stating that professor AP Pandey was granted leave for 30 days with effect from August 2, 2018 as per advice of the MHRD. The order also said that the leave of VC professor AP Pandey has been extended till the completion of the enquiry against him and follow up action taken on the enquiry report by the competent authority. Extension of the leave has been granted as per Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by joint secretary, MHRD, GOI, commissioner (Hr. & Tech Edn.), Government of Manipur and presidents of MUSU, MUSA and MUTA in the presence of chief minister N Biren and his council of ministers which has been approved in toto by Minister, Human Resource Development, GOI vide his email of August 18, 2018. This fact has also been corroborated by VC in-charge professor W Vishwanath Singh who recently visited the office of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the order said.

The order also recalled Clause D of the MOA which reads as ‘That, during the period of enquiry and until follow up action taken on the enquiry report by the competent authority, preferably within a period of 15 days, professor AP Pandey will be on leave.’ The order also recalled para 5 of the order No.33-6/2018-CU-IV dated 17.08.2018 issued by the Under Secretary, Ministry of HRD, Department of Higher Education, which stated that “The Inquiry Committee shall submit its report within one month from the date of issue of the order i.e. 17.08.2018.”

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