Resign beforehand rather than after FA affects state: UCM

IMPHAL, 4th Sep: Denouncing constant claims of government leaders to resign if FA affects the state, UCM general secretary Kh Athouba has asked such leaders to resign before the Framework Agreement affects the state rather than giving up their posts after the state is dismembered. Athouba was speaking at different protest sites held on Tuesday against the proposed extension of Article 371A or implementation of similar Act or 6th Schedule in the state.

Different organisations and Meira Paibi bodies organised sit-in protests at Iroisemba Mayai Leikai, Samusang community hall, Naoremthong Khulem Leikai, NG College Leirak Machin, Uripok Achom Leikai, Uripok Bachaspati, Polem Leikai, Yambem Leikai, Ahanthem Leikai, Khaidem Leikai, Huidrom Leikai, Sorbon Thingel, Khoisnam Leikai, Tourangbam Leikai, Laikhurembi Leikai and Kombirei Keithel.

Speaking at these protest sites, Athouba charged the Centre of scheming divisive policies to disrupt the age-old bond of brotherhood and unity among different communities of the state. People of Manipur made a clear example of their courage to fight for the unity and integrity of the state in the June 18 incident and the uprising was not led by the government but by the people, he said.

So far, the Centre has been keeping everybody in the dark regarding the contents of the Framework Agreement, it signed with NSCN-IM in 2015. At the same time, the Biren-government is talking about resigning if the agreement affects the state. But the government should know that public do not want to hear such lame excuses. People want the government to resign if it cannot uphold the interest of its people and protect the state rather than running away from problem when the state has already been affected, he maintained.

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