ZUF charges NSCN (IM) cadres of terrorising innocent people

IMPHAL,6th Sep: Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has accused NSCN (IM), which is having a cease fire and engaging in peace negotiation with Government of India, of terrorising the innocent people and members of the village authority and not sparing even aged and elderly persons and said that such inhuman treatment should be condemned by every peace loving people.

According to a statement of ZUF issued by its home secretary James Kamei, since the peace negotiation of GOI and NSCN (IM) has not arrived at any conclusion despite going on for more than 20 years, NSCN (IM) seems to be frustrated and in their desperate bid to make their dominance and presence felt have continued the original notorious nature of the NSCN IM at Khoupum valley and Luangreng (Nungnang) village on September 1, 2018 where innocent elderly persons and responsible members of the village authority were beaten up blue and black and some elders suffered bone fracture because of bringing late a pig for their meal and on the charge of supporting ZUF.

NSCN (IM) did not bring anything good for the Nagas and Zeliangrong people except bloodshed particularly in Zeliangrong areas and in different Naga areas. NSCN (IM) has now turned the Naga political issue into a lucrative s business by imposing different types of taxes upon the people. Common Naga and Zeliangrong people will suffer miserably in the days to come under the suppressive and notorious NSCN (IM) leaderships. Therefore, Zeliangrong brothers who are in NSCN (IM) should wake up and walk away and free themselves from such mischievous policies of NSCN (IM), the ZUF statement added.

Meanwhile, Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) and its arm wing Zeliangrong Tiger Force (ZTF) have been restraining armed confrontation with NSCN (IM) since the last gun fight which occurred on August 7, 2018 between ZTF and NSCN IM cadres at Khumji Lukhambi-II wherein one NSCN (IM) cadre namely Gaibung Kamei died in the gun fight considering the appeal made from Zeliangrong people to avoid bloodshed among Zeliangrong brothers. However, the leadership of NSCN (IM) is playing around with Zeliangrong people by deputing only Zeliangrong youths to fight his own Zeliangrong brothers. As such whenever any cadres of ZUF or NSCN (IM) engaged in gun fight, those who died belong to Zeliangrong community, the ZUF statement said.

The gun fight that occurred at Luangreng (Nungnang) village on September 1, 2018 in which one ZUF cadre lost his life should not be taken as weakness of ZUF. Zeliangrong United Front and ZTF will continue to protect and safeguard the identity, land, life, natural resources and properties of Zeliangrong people at any cost. Therefore, ZUF/ZTF is ready to face any kind of threat to defend the inherent rights of Zeliangrong people, added the statement.

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