AMSU threatens blockade over Nungba incident

IMPHAL,7th Sep: Denouncing the incident of assault of AMSU general secretary at Nungba on September 3 by four persons who claimed as NSCN-IM members for flying a flag with name of Manipur on it and for not paying Rs 500 as tax from each passengers of a bus for plying in ‘Nagaland’, AMSU president Manjit Sarangthem has demanded that the state government remove all NSCN-IM camps set up Manipur.

Speaking at AMSU office here on Friday, Manjit warned that if the four persons were not apprehended by the government soon, then the union will start a 100-hour blockade along NH 37 with effect from the intervening September 8 midnight. Essential services, however, will be exempted from the purview of the blockade, he added.

Manjit alleged that even though there are presence of Indian Army and Manipur Police personnel along NH 37, NSCM-IM is doing whatever it wants. Even though the Naga rebel group is in peace talk with the Government of India, it is indulging in illegal tax collection and threatening people in various parts of Manipur.

He said that the union has informed the state government to arrest the culprits within 72 hours but till now they haven’t been able to do anything and are just trying to wriggle out from the embarrassing situation. On the other hand, NSCN-IM is spreading lies by saying that they are not involved in the incident and have caught the two extortionists involved the incident. This itself shows that NSCN-IM is operating in the area, he added.

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