Nungba CSOs censure AMSU, demand apology

IMPHAL,8th Sep: Strongly condemning and opposing the 100-hr blockade announced by All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU), Nungba Youth Organisation (NYO), Nungba Sub-Division Joint Action Committee (NAJAC), Rongmei Naga Council Manipur-Luangba Luangrian (RNCM), Nungba Areas Women Society (NAWS) have demanded apology from AMSU for defaming Nungba people and resignation of AMSU secretary general S Anil within one week.

A joint statement of NAJAC, RNCM and NYO said that civil societies of Nungba town were not aware of the alleged harassment meted out to AMSU leaders at Nungba on September 3 at about 7.30 pm as the town folk had already retired for the night and all shops were closed. The allegation against the locals by AMSU and dragging in the Nungba residents in the incident is despicable, totally baseless, fabricated and extremely exaggerated. Nungba is a locally administrated, peaceful and harmonious town where mainland Indian, Meitei and Pangal co-exist for decades without any crisis till date.

Had there been any such incident, the said AMSU leaders should have informed the local youths and police stationed at Nungba for necessary action and solution instead of going directly to the media spreading lies and playing blame game, instigating communalism, hatred and misunderstanding among the people. AMSU bypassed the local administration which is an act of disrespect to the locals, local police and public, the joint statement said.

According to the CSOs, the AMSU leadership is unnecessarily fanning the communal enmity and creating greater hill-valley chasm in the name of Framework Agreement, Article 371-A, sixth schedule for popularity. The union’s leadership is more problematic and fame conscious than purpose conscious.

As such, the CSOs demand the state government to book AMSU leaders under relevant Act and IPC and ban the union for their mindless and problem conscious act of instigating hatred, communalism, tension and dissension, it maintained. In case of failure, FIR will be registered against AMSU for defaming the public of Nungba, especially women society. The government should take up necessary actions for smooth flow of traffic along NH-37 the union should call off the proposed blockade, demanded the CSOs.

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