RPF-MNPF claim attacks on AR

IMPHAL,8th Sep: The proscribed Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) and Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) have claimed that two Assam Rifles soldiers were killed in recent attacks carried out by the joint force of the two outfits.

In a joint statement of RPF and MNPF, one AR soldier was killed while few more were injured in an attack carried out by the joint force at a spot between Aibol and Joupi villages in Chandel district on September 7 morning. The joint force also attacked 4 AR camp at Aigyang village in Chandel district on September 5 morning using RPG and LMG, it claimed.

According to the statement, the attack on 31 Assam Rifles on July 9 at a spot between Kangpat Khunou and Khulen in Chandel district was carried out by a special team of Tactical Command of RPF’s armed wing, People’s Liberation Army (PLA), while the attack on 29 AR camp at Aibol on July 19 was carried out by the joint force. During these attacks, at least two AR soldiers were killed while inflicting injuries to several other AR men apart from causing damages to AR camps, the two outfits claimed.

The joint statement signed by RPF’s assistant publicity secretary Bankim and MNPF’s deputy secretary of publicity MK Mashun further said that the Central government continues to impose various tactics to lengthen its suppressive administration and also to distort unity of the society by creating fear psychosis among innocent civilians.

As a result of treacherous and suppressive policies of India, many women of Manipur have become widow while cries of children and widows who lost their parents/husbands at the hands of Indian forces echoed the society, the joint statement said, adding that innocent people are now questioning the right to life with dignity and freedom. The only way to sneak out of such a situation is to force out Indian administration and its forces from the soil of Manipur, the joint statement said.

While maintaining that armed struggle is the only way for the people of Manipur to overthrow Indian administration and lead life with dignity and freedom, the two outfits appealed to people to support the armed struggle and join the movement for freedom as a responsibility of concerned citizen of the land.

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