CoHR calls human rights violators terrorists

IMPHAL10th Sep: Committee on Human Rights, (CoHR) Manipur chairman Phulindro Konsam has stated that the people who are violating the basic human rights of the people and committing various atrocities under the shadow of AFSPA are terrorists. Demanding the truth behind the custodial killing of G Gypsy Sharma, Th Satish, Th Prem, RK Ranel and Ph Naobi, a sit-in protest was staged at Sawombung community hall by the JAC formed in connection with the involuntary disappearance of the five persons on Monday, along with the conduct of a public meeting.

The meeting was participated by CoHR chairman Phulindro Konsam as chief guest and Sawombung Meira Paibi Apunba Lup president M Leiriktombi as president while EEVFAM president Renu Takhellambam; AMUCO vice president NC Modhuchandra and Human Right Defender chairman Joy Chingakham were the guests of honour. Speaking at the meeting, Phulindro Konsam maintained that Manipur lost its independence after it was annexed to India and India imposed AFSPA in 1958 fearing retaliation from the people.

Under the protection of this draconian Act, security forces have been committing various atrocities like rape, murder, fake encounters and other crimes against the people of the state. Since they have violated the basic human rights of the people, they can be regarded as terrorists, he stated.

Recalling the mysterious disappearances of many young people of the state under this Act, he said that truth is yet be revealed with regard to the custodial killings of Gypsy, Satish, Prem, Ranel and Naobi and added that their corpses have not been found till date. The security forces involved in the murder must be awarded the strictest of punishment, Phulindro stated, while appealing to the government to help reveal the truth as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, EEVFAM president Renu Takhellambam said that security forces are not allowed to kill anyone once someone surrendered to them, even if the surrendered persons were leaders of banned outfit or organisation. The law of the land also states this but security forces have continuously killed many people of the state with no fear of consequences, she asserted.

Security forces have shot dead many people just on the mere suspicion that he/she may be an insurgent and do not bother investigating beforehand as they are protected under AFSPA. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every person in the state to help in scrapping of the draconian Act from the state, she stressed.

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