Movement will continue until AFSPA repealed: Phulindro

IMPHAL,11th Sep: Committee on Human Rights (CoHR) Manipur chairman Phulindro Konsam Tuesday said that people of the state will sustain their movement until AFSPA is repealed. He was addressing a press conference jointly hosted by CoHR, EEVFAM, HRA, JPF and HRDM in relation with the commemoration of 60 years of Armed Forces (Special) Powers Act, 1958 held at Manipur Press Club here on Tuesday.

Highlighting rampant violation of human rights and series of extra-judicial killings committed by security forces with impunity under AFSPA, he said that the strategies of security forces have changed much in recent years.

Incidents of fake encounters are decreasing in the light of the investigation ordered by the Supreme Court. However, threats to human rights defenders are increasing day by day, he said. He further said that despite numerous attempts to dilute the issue by creating several social issues, the public movement against the Act will continue until it is comletely repealed. He also condemned the political parties for using the demand for removal of AFSPA as a strategy to garner public support during elections.

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