Fear grips CCpur as ‘predators’ stalk livestock, pets

CCPUR, 5th Nov: In a series of incidents, which occurred mostly at dusk since October 27, unknown predators have been haunting the residents of Churachandpur district with their livestock attacked in gruesome manner.
Up to Monday night, several livestock have fallen prey to such attacks from unknown predators creating an eerie sense of fear and uncertainty among the people.
During the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday, several pups were found killed near Red Cross Road with the mother dog severely injured. In another incident on Sunday night, the predator also attempted to attack a pig in sty at Lhangnem village.
However, the cautious owner thwarted the attempt while at the same time leaving the very owner in fear.
As panic gripped the residents with each passing day, the district administration convened a high level meeting with the district police and forest department at the DC office on Monday to discuss steps to be taken up to ascertain identity of the predators and take up necessary initiatives to prevent further attack.
The meeting resolved to put in place a high security and surveillance measure in order to dispel the fear among the public and take up preventive measures.
In an attempt to allay public apprehension that gripped the district against the backdrop of reported ‘mysterious killing/maiming of livestock’ in and around Chiengkawnpang village, the district administration decided to set up a special surveillance team to investigate into the matter and find out the unknown predator.
The team comprises officials of forest department, district police, veterinary department, Village authorities concerned, SDO/Ccpur and AC to DC.
Appealing to all not to panic, the meeting also resolved that night surveillance will continue in and around the area.
As per reports circulating among the public through social media, five ducks and some chickens at Chiengkawnpang were found snapped/wrung at their necks. What is perplexing is that no trace of blood of the ducks/chickens was to be found near the spot where the incident took place.The following night, some ducks of the same locality went missing and only the inner parts of the ducks were found left at the verandah of the owners.
In all these incidents, dogs – known for their sharp vigil and barking at strangers – remained silent and they preferred to stay indoors. Similar reports surfaced the next day too thereby triggering panic among the locals. The incidents prompted the villagers to start night vigil in and around the locality. Reports about killing and maiming of livestock have also come in from different parts of the town till Sunday night although the incident remained just a ‘mystery.’ People had come up with many theories surrounding the incidents. While some attributed it as the handiworks of some anti-social elements, there are others who strongly advocate it to be the impression of some unseen spirit/force that is interwoven with mythological character.
Meanwhile, additional SP L Khongsai in a social media post on Sunday night said that the district police are investigating into the incidents and they suspect it to be the imprint of wild predators (Puma or Panther). He said that they (police) have talked to two eye witnesses and are following leads. The police officer also informed all concerned to remain vigil and keep their domestic animals at safer places.

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