Gaikhangam fears dilution of culture, language under BJP

IMPHAL, 16th Nov: All Congress Working Committee (CWC) member and former deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam has stated that it is okay for the government to promote Indianisation in all its initiatives. However, it would be wrong to disrespect and forget one’s roots, language and culture in its greed to hold on to power and remain in the good books of the Central leaders.
A felicitation function for recently inducted Indian National Congress (INC) members was organised by Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) at Congress Bhawan, BT Road here Friday.
Speaking on the occasion, Gaikhangam alleged that the government has been taking the people for a ride as if the citizens are fools. The government has been relentless in its effort to dilute language and cultural heritage of Manipur in trying to please the Central leaders and implant culture of mainland India. Thus, it would be better if the government also tries to lift the ban on Hindi Films in the state at this point, he satirically added.
Expressing concerns that BJP’s malicious agenda may cause the disappearance of the state’s rich cultural heritage and traditions, Gaikhangam accused the BJP-led government of being irrational and shameless while spewing false promises and lies. BJP has taken advantage of the people’s hope that it will bring change to the state but in sharp contrast the saffron party has failed to live up to the expectation. As such, many conscience-stricken people have forsaken BJP for Congress, with many more planning to do so in the near future. “I don’t think BJP will be able to sleep at nights after that”, remarked the former deputy CM.
The present government has now become an anti-people and anti-state, whose greed and self-contradiction has led to disagreements within its administration. The people are now aware that the BJP government is a divided house. They also now know that the government will soon end, as it can no longer carry its load of wrongdoings, he added. Furthermore, BJP has been continuously misleading the people into believing that it is responsible for all the development that the country and the state has seen since its rise to power, when in reality all the said initiatives/projects were done during the time of Congress government. It was only at the time of Congress’ rule that both the valley and the hills had a breakthrough in terms of development, Gaikhangam claimed.
The veteran Congress leader further said that the CMHT scheme introduced by the incumbent government is not a new scheme. The scheme was already included in the previous government’s normal array of welfare programmes. If CMHT is indeed a new scheme, then the Government should take a cabinet decision to introduce it as a special scheme, he stressed.
Equating the government’s conduct and behaviour to that of praising a mason for building a beautiful home when it actually was the sole idea of the house owner, Gaikhangam said that people need to remember that the scheme is not a specialised scheme of any minister, as had been portrayed by the present government. CLP leader and former CM O Ibobi said that the advent of a new political trend in the country is not due to the Congress’ campaign for votes. Instead, it is the result of the people’s withering trust on the ruling government due to the Modi’s publicity blitzkrieg. The BJP government in the state is for namesake as it only indulges in lip service and does not do any well-intended work, he stated.
Contending that he is ready to face any punishments if he had indeed done some wrong, Ibobi said that law courts exist to discern the truth and the right from wrong. However, Congress will not tolerate any false accusations. It is unfortunate that BJP is accusing Congress of being the mastermind behind the crisis at MU when all Congress had done was trying to help resolve the issue, he said.
While both the state and central government were trying their best to stall the process to restore normalcy in the varsity, the Court had to intervene in interest of the students. This is an embarrassment for the state government and it would be wrong for the government to blame all of it on Congress party, he observed.
Recently, a statue of Sadar Vallabhai Patel, regarded as the world’s tallest, was developed in Gujarat at the cost of one million dollars. Instead of spending such a huge sum of money on constructing the statue, it would have been better if the government had used it to open universities for poor students, in the name of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the ex-CM remarked.
Highlighting that the 15th Finance Commission recommendations would be in effect from April next year, Ibobi said that the Congress would be happy if the government sanctions funds for the welfare of the people of the state. Nonetheless, one cannot predict the situation that the state will be in when April arrives. Despite this unpredictability, Congress welcomes all those who have decided to join the party, he stated.
MPCC president TN Haokip, MLAs K Ranjit and N Loken, party workers including youth and women volunteers also attended the function.
The members who have been inducted to INC include former independent candidate of Keirao A/C Md Nashiruddin Khan (Boyboy) and former NEIDP candidate of Lilong AC Sheikh Kheiruddin; Tuibong, Chuachandpur BJP ADC member Ngamhao Touthang; Lamlai Municipal Council chairperson RK (O) Memi, vice chairperson Sagolsem Bishwachandra, councillors Velena Elangbam, Wahengbam Naobi, Wairokpam Manaoton and Irom Rojen; Lamlai social worker Achoibam Deben and Lamlai A/C Development Committee chairman Ningthoujam Somorendro.

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