AR accused of framing civilian driver

THOUBAL, 17th Nov: Refuting report of arresting a KNF cadre by a combined team of 26 Assam Rifles and Thoubal CDO, Immortal Jeep, DI, Diesel Autorickshaw, Tata Magic Cooperative Society Limited contended that the arrested person is a civilian driver who has been framed by 26 AR.
Addressing media persons at Yairipok Thong Wangma auto parking on Saturday, society president Md Sirajuddin Shah said that Md Farid Shah of Yairipok Changamdabi, who was branded as a cadre of KNF, is a civilian who leads a normal life by driving an auto-rickshaw. It was unfortunate for AR and CDO to arrest him on November 13 brand the captive as KNF cadre. Sirajuddin recounted that a person called Khaba hired Farid’s autorickshaw from the Yairipok Thong Wangma parking on November 13 around 8 am. From there, Khaba told Farid to drop him inside the 26 AR post and detained there followed by the statement that he was arrested as KNF cadre by the combined force.
Raising strong opposition against the false allegation and nature of AR framing an innocent civilian, he demanded AR to prove his connection with the UG group while adding that they will fight against the injustice meted out to Farid.

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