Thangal traders vexed with new traffic rules

IMPHAL, 21st Nov: Shops and other commercial establishments in Thangal Keithel (Bazar) have expressed their discontentment over the state government’s beautification plan for the area, while stating that sales have dropped drastically since the ban on entry of vehicles was enforced.
On November 1, the state government issued a transport order banning entry of all vehicles into Thangal Bazar that was put into effect immediately. However, an order by Transport Director C Arthur on Wednesday relaxed the previous order and permitted a one-way traffic system, while totally prohibiting parking in the area.
Amidst the implementation of this order, shopkeepers and other commercial establishments along Thangal Bazar road conveyed that their businesses are suffering losses due to the said order.
Most shops along Thangal Bazar sell kitchen items, cosmetics, hardware products, televisions, refrigerators and other bulky items. Speaking to this daily in this regard, the shopkeepers said that their daily sales have dipped 50 per cent of what they used to sell before the restrictions came into effect. Some of the shops make their first sale of the day only after noon, despite opening their doors from 7.30 am. As such, the drop in sales has drastically affected their business.
In addition, if a customer has to buy a bulky product from a shop, the salespersons have to help carry the product to the customer’s vehicle. This is a huge dilemma for shops, which are short of salespersons. Thus, the shopkeepers conveyed that it would be appreciative if shoppers are permitted to halt their vehicles in front of the shops for few minutes so as to help ease the loading process.
Meanwhile, as part of the beautification project of Thangal Bazar, the road beside the footpaths is currently being blacktopped. However, the new blacktopping has not been levelled with the mid-portion of the existing road, thus, presenting an unpleasant image to the eyes. Furthermore, although vehicles are banned from parking along this road, no action has been taken up to drive off the street vendors who are selling their wares on the footpaths and along the roadsides of Thangal Bazar.

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