Sangkungmei village cattle facing tiger threat

SENAPATI, 21st Nov: Tigers continue to be on the prowl and hunt cattle in Sangkungmei village of Senapati district. Village chairman reported that about 5/6 goats of the village were hunted down by tigers on Tuesday triggering fear among the villagers. Many other cattle like buffaloes, cows, goats and livestock could not be ensured effective protection in-spite of the presence of the predator. Mention may be made that the presence of tiger in the village and its surrounding areas was detected by the officials of forest & environment department during a visit when it first attacked cattle of the areas on October 10. However, the visiting official team could not continue to hunt the tigers in the village due to inclement weather at that time.
In this regard, the village chairman requested the authority concerned to once again visit the place and take stock of the situation to allay fear among the villagers and take up measures as well to safeguard the livestock of the village.

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