YAF’s drive against wildlife meat flayed

CCPUR, 14th Jan: Few days after Yening Animal Foundation (YAF) seized 42kg seasoned meat of Porcupine, Monkey, Wild boar and Deer and set it on fire, criticism against the drive has come through social media and whatsapp groups. A section of the critics said that tribal follow the tradition of killing wildlife since time immemorial for protection and YAF’s action was against tribal rights and chieftainship. The drive also threatens rights of village chiefs and no such action should be carried out in tribal inhabited areas as far as possible. A village chief namely Thongkhohau also criticised the drive carried out by YAF and asked why volunteers of the foundation did not carried out drive against fish. He also advised YAF to conduct similar drive in Naga dominated areas and come back to CCpur for an open debate.

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