Talk with CCpur JAC unlikely today

CCPUR, 24th  MARCH: The proposed talk between state government and JAC Churachandpur is likely to be deferred as the latter has made clear its inability to attend the talk on Saturday. Nevertheless, the JAC responded positively to the invitation served by state government and said that it is committed to resolving the impasse at the earliest. It also appreciated the keen interest shown by the N Biren led new government for an amicable solution to the 571-day old agitation.

                    The talk is likely to be held when the JAC wraps up its series of consultations. According to a JAC statement, various tribe leaders and individuals will be consulted before holding dialogue with the government.

                     Informing that consultations are still on to arrive at a consensus, the JAC has convened a public consultation on March 28 at YPA hall, Hiangtam Lamka. It also appealed to all interested groups and individuals to attend the public consultation and share valuable ideas and suggestions. Further, the JAC urged those who could not physically attend the meet to send their opinions though e-mail address of the JAC

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