NPF youth wing organises ‘Beef Feast’, invites Governor

KOHIMA, 21st July: As a show of resentment against the alleged unconstitutional and political actions of Nagaland Governor PB Acharya over the recent ‘political crisis’ in the state, the youth wing of Naga People's Front (NPF) Friday organised a beef party christened as ‘Beef Feast’ in Kohima and ‘invited’ the Governor to the dinner party. However, the Governor did not turn up.

In its invitation letter to the Governor, the NPF Youth Wing states, “And so, to celebrate your latest political coup, and to mark the severance of ties with your political party the BJP, we are organising a Beef Feast (Your Excellency knows Nagas are voracious meat eaters) this evening and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to cancel some of your not-so-official engagements in political scheming and to come and join us for Dinner at the Office Headquarters of the NPF Central Office, Kohima”. The invitation letter was reportedly handed over to a staff of the Raj Bhavan.

The invitation letter also mentions that the Governor has been ‘terribly busy’ in the last few days ‘breaking’ all democratic norms playing politics and installing BJP-friendly government in the state. “You have forgotten that the office of the Governor should be apolitical and stay away from politics, and you have been acting as the leader of the dissident NPF group,” the invitation letter stated.

“Your statements in the local papers justifying your evil deed are most entertaining being so hilarious. Your attempts to cloak your political decisions with some semblance of legality are transparent and the nakedness of it all is most repulsive and loathsome,” it added. 

The NPF Youth Wing also said that the Governor had turned a blind eye to a monumental travesty of democracy where a member of the Assembly, who is expelled from the NPF for a period of six years has been accepted as the Chief Whip of the very party from which he has been expelled.

“Your Excellency has been a member of the cabal of legislators who created parliamentary history when the legislators have elected a Chief Whip themselves without the consent and knowledge of the political party they claim to belong. And all these while, the official party Whip of the NPF, whose Whip was recognised by you since 2014, and whose Whip had effect on February 5, 2015 when the then Chief Minister called for a Vote of Confidence, continues to be the sole and authorised Whip of the NPF,” the invitation letter also stated.

The letter then said that the Governor was aware that Nagas are patient people, but there was a limit to ‘our patience’. The NPF Youth Wing further said they “are now in a jubilant mood because not only has the NPF severed ties with BJP for good, you yourself have shown how low you can stoop to achieve your political and religious agenda in the last few days”. “You now stand exposed not unlike the proverbial Emperor who went around the streets naked believing that people can see his non-existent cloak,” it added.

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