RIMS most corrupt hospital: Student petitioner to PM

STAFF REPORTER IMPHAL, 1st Nov: In sharp contrast to the of-repeated assurances by successive top officials of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) for development of the public healthcare centre to the level of AIIMS, Delhi, a complaint letter addressed to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has exposed various shortcomings in the hospital.

The letter despatched to the PMO in September this year by a male MBBS student, who preferred anonymity, dubbed RIMS as the most corrupt medical institute that he had ever heard or experienced personally.

In acknowledgement of the complaint, the PMO transferred copy of the same ferocious letter to the RIMS authority for perusal and necessary measures.

Apart from holding RIMS authorities responsible for the pathetic state of the hospital, the complainant reasoned that continuous negligence is mainly due to the fact that nobody likes to improve the hospital because doctors and administrators have their own private hospital and laboratory outside or close to the hospital campus.

The post-graduate student also mentioned that he joined RIMS some four months back through the all-India category to seriously pursue career in the noble profession but on seeing the prevailing condition he was convinced that the institute was the worst place.

Listing defunct MRI machine for four months, cessation of CT scan service about a month back, buildings constructed till the foundation level and left to rot after getting financial sanction, etc., as hallmark irregularities in the general hospital, the complainant sought immediate intervention by the Central government.

There is a surgical ICU which is just a ward named SICU, mentioned the petition which was filed through the Centralised Public Grievances Redress and Monitoring System of the PMO, adding that the said SICU ward also has no ventilator, no monitor, nothing but a bed and a cupboard.

Further pointing out that RIMS hospital is bereft of neonatal ICU, he complainant opined that the public are being taken for a ride for a signboard has been put up in one of the rooms without any medical equipment inside.

The hospital presently has only one functional ultrasonography (USG) machine as the other USG installed at the labor room is not working in-spite of the said machine considered most important during delivery; patients purchase all the medicines, including iron and folic acid tablets from their own source; there is no defibrillator in the casualty ward, which is worse than toilet; the list goes on, mentioned the complaint.

Further alleging that all funds sanctioned to improve RIMS are ‘consumed’ by the authority, the student maintained that another reason for the doctors and administrators lacking compassion to improve or ensure requisite facilities is due to apprehension over certain loss of profit in their private undertakings.

“It is very frustrating to work in this kind of environment where patient party cannot afford to conduct test in private laboratories and chose to die,” he said, adding that sometimes ‘we treat patient without proper investigation just because they could not afford tests outside.

Urging the Central government authorities to initiate thorough investigation since its inception so as to ascertain where all the funds have been utilised, the complainant pleaded the PMO to ‘do something for the poor and needy who come to RIMS from distant pockets’ and justify existence of the institute, which is considered as one of the reputed medical institutions in the region.

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