MPCC seeks clarification from BJP on Muivah's Naga integration comment

IMPHAL, 24th MARCH: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has sought a clarification from both state and Union governments within 24 hours after Th Muivah, who signed the framework agreement on behalf of NSCN-IM, said the agreement signed between the Indian government and Naga militant outfit includes the Naga integration issue.

           Briefing media persons at MPCC office here on Friday evening, Congress vice-president and spokesperson, MLA Y Surchandra recalled the signing of framework agreement between NSCN-IM and Indian government on August 3, 2015. The Congress party and the previous state government have been urging the Central government to disclose the contents of the agreement, Surchandra said, adding that the public remain anxious as the BJP-led Union government refuses to make the contents public.

         However, suspicion of people have turned out to be true after NSCN-IM general secretary Muivah revealed that it includes the Naga integration issue, he maintained. The then chief minister Ibobi demanded exact details on the very night that the agreement was signed, Surchandra noted, adding that Union home minister Rajnath Singh refused to divulge the details by insisting that it contains nothing.

       After that, the Congress party has been continuously demanding to divulge the details of the agreement, highlighted the Congress vice-president. He also pointed out that the state BJP unit has also been declaring that the framework agreement does not contain the Naga integration issue.

        "However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared during his recent visit to the state that the framework agreement does not even include the word, Manipur". The joy of the state's people knew no bounds at his verbal assurance. Moreover, Union home minister Rajnath Singh and BJP president Amit Shah also visited the state and declared that the agreement will not affect Manipur in any way," the Congress spokesperson recounted, while insisting that despite their numerous verbal assurances that it does not impinge on the interest of Manipur, people should not take the matter lightly as Th Muivah who signed the agreement has a different story to tell. This has caused confusion in the mind of the people, Surchandra observed.

          Asserting that Congress still sticks to its stand that Manipur's territorial integrity cannot be compromised at any cost, Surchandra pointed out that even if Manipur is not mentioned in the framework agreement, if it mentions the question of Naga integration then Manipur has to be dismembered.

            About 80 per cent of state's total area has been demanded for integrating Nagas, he said, seeking a clarification from PM Modi and state BJP within 24 hours to clear the doubts of people. Congress is committed to keeping the nation together and also the territorial integrity of Manipur intact, Surchandra stressed, cautioning that however, Manipur cannot be torn apart to keep India intact.

             Congress wants to maintain peace in the state, but it cannot remain as a mute spectator when Manipur is being severed, he added. Another Congress spokesperson Kh Devbrata, who was also present in the press briefing, maintained that the party wants people of different ethnic communities to coexist peacefully in Manipur and Northeast region, so the BJP must clarify within 24 hours.

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