Nemcha cherishes pivotal role of women

DIPR NEW DELHI, 5th Nov: Women play a pivotal role in all spheres of life, be it at home, participation at religious activities or in professional life, said social welfare and cooperation minister Nemcha Kipgen while addressing the gathering as chief guest of the evening session of the 6th North East India Choral Competition held at Thyagaraj Stadium, INA Colony, New Delhi on Sunday.

‘The role of women in the establishment of a strong and stable society is very vital and the contribution of women is often that of the role played by the corner-stone in the foundation of the house,’ she further said.

While lauding the participants especially women, Nemcha said that without women, the Church and home will be half empty. She continued that the performance of the women singers in the competition have made her proud to be a woman.

Citing theme of the competition –‘Togetherness,’ Nemcha called upon all to come together as one despite speaking different languages or hailing from different - tribes, communities or different states. She also expressed optimism that such competition will not only witness a number of talented participants and delegates from to showcase their talents but will exhibit unity among diverse ethnic groups and enrich spirituality.

The North East India Choral Competition was organised by Tangkhul Christian Charitable Trust (TCCT), Delhi. Altogether nine choir groups from different parts of North-Eastern states competed for the coveted title.

Later the minister gave away cash reward of Rs 3 lakh to Independent of Church, the winner of the 6th North East Choral Competition. Poumai Baptist Church, Delhi and Tangkhul Church, Delhi secured the second and third position respectively.

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