Ukhrul cabbies remind CM on promise unkept

R LESTER MAKANG UKHRUL, 10th Nov: Finally, rains are gone and dry days are back here. But, the plights of hapless residents of the whole Ukhrul township are here to stay as far as the deplorable state of the road is concerned. On the contrary, it is 'old worries out and new ones in' for them.

While the waterlogged and marshy experiences are gone, flying dust and bumpy rides on potholes-filed road have already set in with the coming of dry wintry season in the district headquarters.

"Although chief minister N Biren had assured to commence within three days repair work of the bad road in the town which had gone from bad to worse during his maiden visit here in April this year, there have been no visible results on the road condition till date, " Khayui Raleng, president of Ukhrul District Passenger Service Association (UDPASA) told reporters in a press conference held at UDWJA office on Friday evening.

Wondering as to what has happened to the promise of the chief minister to take up repairing of the road within three days, Raleng said that soon after CM's announcement, some work pertaining to laying of shingling were taken up in some portions of the road but that too has halted, much to the chagrin of the public.

Stating that the whole surface of the 5 km stretch of the town main road has remained full of potholes without any black top visible on it, he appealed to the government to initiate repair works of the road within a week's time.

"We will resort to intense forms of agitation if the government fails to take actions within the stipulated period," he further cautioned.

With festive season approaching, the number of vehicles is increasing each day on the sole road of the town, Raleng pointed out while adding that the cloud of dust kicked up by the traffic is making it tough for both the pedestrians and motorists to use the road in such poor conditions.

Apart from this, the dust-filled roadway is putting the poor residents of the town to potential health hazards, he said citing instances of both public members and motorists catching illnesses and allergies related to dust pollution.

UDPASA president further lamented that residents do not even have alternative routes to take detour at present as both the circular roads on the eastern and western sides of the town are unmotorable with caved in surfaces at various points.

At the same time, UDPASA has urged the authorities concerned not to proceed with the current imposition of taxes and regulations on passenger taxis before they could first provide requisite communication infrastructures like standard roadway in the town.

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