Govt packages dubbed misleading, unrealistic

Former Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Thursday accused the BJP-led coalition government in the state of misleading the people with its unrealistic packages and showing works executed by Congress as its achievement.

He further said that the government is in no condition to give detailed information if one seeks them through RTI Act.

Ibobi was speaking during a sit-in demonstration organised by MPCC at Pangei Keithel in Khundrakpam AC in pursuance of the demand for disclosing the contents of Framework Agreement signed between Government of India and NSCN-IM.

Addressing the gathering, Ibobi contended that the BJP-led government in Manipur is same like the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre. Both the governments give unrealistic assurances without even having a second thought. Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to bring back black money stashed in foreign countries and encouraged the poor citizens of the country to open bank accounts while assuring transfer of Rs 15 lakh in each account. It has been four years since he made the announcement but not a single rupee has been credited to the accounts.

In a bid to save its face, Modi announced demonetisation policy but ended up spending an additional amount of Rs 21 crore in printing the new Rs 2000 and Rs 500 notes. Afterward, the Modi government introduced GST and gave a major impact on the economy of poor consumers of the country. As a result, the government was forced to cut down the tax rate on several items from 28 per cent slab to 18 per cent slab, Ibobi said.

Likewise, the BJP led coalition government in the state is making unrealistic assurances without thinking for a moment how they will implement these assurances. Even though numerous assurances of development packages for the hill districts have been given, no one knows if the government has the required fund, Ibobi further contended.

Regarding the latest Rs 325 crore package announced for Tamenglong district, Ibobi questioned the details of the projects to be taken up and said that the government would not be able to give any detailed information about the budget copy or sanction copy if one sought those documents through RTI Act.

Stating that the promises of the present government are rather confusing, Ibobi pointed out that the previous assurance of extending free medical treatment to BPL families and the latest announcement of medical reimbursement to BPL families upto Rs 2 lakh are contradictory.

The Congress government did not have enough time to inaugurate several projects in the hill areas due to sudden enforcement of election code of conduct. Interestingly, the BJP-led government is inaugurating these projects while claiming them as its achievements, Ibobi ridiculed.

The construction of Tamenglong District Hospital which was inaugurated by CM Biren on Wednesday, had been already completed by the Congress government at a total cost of Rs 21 crore. Moreover, construction of the 5000 MT FCI warehouse, for which CM Biren laid foundation stone, was approved and sanctioned by the Congress government. The only pending process was land acquisition, Ibobi said, while adding that similar interesting incidents continue to pop up in the hill areas of the state.

Among such interesting incidents, the BJP government had recently shown a PowerPoint presentation of sports complexes, mini secretariat offices, SDO offices and power sub-stations taken up by Congress, to hill journalists, Ibobi conveyed.

The Rani Gaidinliu market, whose foundation stone was laid by CM Biren during his visit to Tamenglong district on Wednesday, is a project of the new BJP government and Congress party acknowledges. However, even though the project cost of the market complex is said to be Rs 10 crore, only Rs 5 crore has been reflected in the budget, he maintained.

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