Cong told to act sanely, back good governance

Reiterating that the BJP led government in the state is committed to safeguard the territorial integrity of Manipur, MAHUD minister Th Shyamkumar Saturday cautioned Congress party against counteracting every policy and programme of the government without having a second thought.

The minister was addressing a press conference at his New Secretariat office. Education minister Thokchom Radheshyam, parliamentary secretaries K Leishiyo and Kongkham Robindro were also present during the press conference.

Shyamkumar said that India is a secular democratic country and it is natural for political parties to form alliances and break again from time to time. Likewise, NPF is a partner of the BJP-led government in the state and there is no mention of disintegrating Manipur in the ideology of NPF, he asserted while questioning the intention of Congress in connecting Framework Agreement with NPF.

He also reminded that the Framework Agreement signed between the Government of India and NSCN (I-M) was during the tenure of the previous Congress government in the state.

The BJP government is putting its efforts to bring together the people of hills and valley of the state after a state of chaos and mistrust left by the Congress government. Amid such situation, it is unfortunate for Congress to repeatedly try to subvert the BJP led government by instigating communal tension among the people, Shyamkumar maintained.

Congress is questioning fund availability and authenticity of the projects announced by the new government because they are likening the new government with their own in the past. Financial condition of the state is on the path of recovery and the government has started receiving funds from Centre after submitting utilisation certificates, which were left pending during Congress rule, he said. He also informed that the government announced packages after receiving funds/sanctions from the Centre and anybody can get the related information through RTI.

On the yet to be completed market complex at the erstwhile complex of Tombisana Higher Secondary School, the minister informed that the remaining construction work will be completed as soon as the state government receives fund from the Centre.

Education minister Th Radheshyam urged the opposition parties to play a constructive role and give suggestions to the development works being taken up by the new government instead of criticising without thinking. BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh have repeatedly reaffirmed that the territorial integrity of the Manipur will not be compromised, he said, while urging the opposition parties to refrain from creating mistrust and unnecessary tension among the public.

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