Littering of market place infuriates MAHUD minister

To ascertain whether the shopkeepers have heeded to the state government's appeal for keeping Imphal City neat and clean, Municipal Administration, Housing and Urban Development (MAHUD) and Town Planning Minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar conducted a surprise inspection at various market areas of the city on Friday.

Speaking to media persons after the inspection, Shyamkumar informed that the inspection will continue in various market areas of Imphal city and similar drives will be also carried out in other municipal areas.

During the inspection, Shyamkumar asked the shopkeepers and the vendors to clear the footpath areas so that pedestrians can move about freely in the market. The minister also warned of taking up legal action against those who keep violating the instructions.

He assured that MAHUD department would soon take up various works including proper maintenance of footpath, diversion of drainage water and initiate action against illegal constructions among others.

Announcing that vendors without valid licence will not be allowed to continue their business, he also asked the shopkeepers and the vendors, including mobile vendors to not pollute the rivers by throwing garbage into them. The pollution of Nambul river is the main cause for degeneration of Loktak Lake, he stressed.

During his inspection, the minister made the shopkeepers to remove their goods that were kept at the footpath apart from cleaning the surroundings of their shops.

He further appealed to the public and the vendors to cooperate with Imphal Municipality Corporation (IMC) in keeping Imphal City clean.

Friday’s surprise inspection was undertaken at the nearby shops and surrounding areas of Majorkhul, Thangal Bazar, Kasturi Bridge, Nagamapal, Ima Market and Masjid Road.

The inspection which was started from Sani Mandir in Thangal Bazar saw the minister instructing the shopkeepers to pick up the trash that were scattered in front of their shops.

He also instructed them to keep dustbins nearby to avoid littering.

During the inspection, the minister came across many small makeshift wooden shops that were structured in the entrance of narrow alleyways of Thangal Bazar. Pointing out that these structures will cause huge problems in case of fire or emergencies, Shyamkumar ordered the removal of the small shops by Saturday.

The minister also instructed eviction of betel leaves vendors at Kasturi Bridge and in Masjid road of Paona Bazar stressing that the vendors often throw the straws used for packaging into the rivers thereby polluting them.

Stressing that the issue of keeping Imphal City clean has already been discussed with the shopkeepers and stakeholders, he said that in the next surprise inspection, action will be taken up immediately without any prior warnings or exceptions.

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