NERCORMP UKL-II ends with message of hope for farmers

"Don't lose hope; stay focused on your efforts for better opportunities." This was the message that NERCORMP Ukhrul managed to ring out loud for the district's growing farming populace as it bade farewell to the 11th NERCORMP exhibition cum sales which ended with a total turnover of Rs 28 lakh marking the successful culmination of the second phase of its project in the district.

The three-day event of NERCORMP Ukhrul drew to a graceful close on Friday with the distribution of prizes to the winners by Ukhrul DC Dr Harmit Singh Pahuja as chief guest in the presence of project manager Tychicus Vashum and other functionaries of NERCORMP Ukhrul at the TNL Ground in Ukhrul district headquarters. Along with the exhibition of varied indigenous farm produces, the event also witnessed showcasing of indigenous folk songs and instrumental renditions.

SHOMI Narm-G Cluster Association was declared winner of the exhibition, while KAMFA Narm-G Cluster Association and KAHOR SHG won the second and third title respectively. Seven other runners up were also given consolidation prizes.

Maintaining that Ukhrul district has vast resources for improving the economic conditions of the people, Dr Harmit Singh Pahuja stressed the need to tap all the potentials to make every villager self reliant economically. "It is very encouraging to see many women from different SHG groups, Cluster Associations and others participating in the exhibition under the guidance of NERCORMP Ukhrul", he said.

Envisaging a collective growth of the community, DC Pahuja further observed that the society as a whole, need to encourage all the farmers in the district to contribute in the economic development and give back the benefits to the society.

Project Manager Tychicus Vashum gave hope to the local farmers by assuring that partnership with NERCORMP Ukhrul will be continued. "We now have come to the end of the NERCORMP II project but rest assured that better opportunities are in the offing," he said.

"Hopefully, the next phase of the project would continue in Ukhrul district or we could be in the handholding of upcoming projects of NEC or DONER."

Reminding the farmers of the prospects of NERCORMP, Vashum exhorted the participants, "We still have long way to go together in our endeavour towards livelihood enhancement in the district. So don't lose hope or become complacent because better opportunities are on the way."

Reiterating that all products brought to the exhibition by participants included both farm based and non-farm based products, NERCORMP Ukhrul project manager pointed out that the focus was purely on organic products based on sustenance and better returns.

Along with project manager Vashum and other functionaries, DC Pahuja who is also the chairman of NERCORMP Ukhrul, conducted a last minute inspection of all the 35 stalls that represented different SHGs, and groups under Narm-G, UDWIM Ukhrul and private entrepreneurs at the exhibition before the event culminated at 3:30 pm.

Meanwhile NERCORMP Ukhrul expressed its gratitude to all the participant farmers, SHGs, private entrepreneurs, NERCORMP Ukhrul chairman DC, SP Ukhrul, and all well wishers and public.

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