Cong sustains campaign on state's territorial integrity

Even though the Framework Agreement signed between the Government of India and NSCN (IM) has no immediate threat to the territorial integrity of Manipur as of now, the agreement should never be endorsed if it contains any clause that is detrimental to interest of Manipur, said former chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh.

Congress party would never accept such an agreement, he affirmed while speaking at the day-long sit-in demonstration held Sunday to demand disclosure of details of Framework Agreement.

According to Ibobi, NSCN (IM) is an armed organisation that had been demanding secession from India but retracted its demand to integration of Naga inhabited areas including Manipur within India after knowing that their earlier demand is infeasible. Now, the NSCN (IM) is insisting on greater autonomy in administration, finance and culture while remaining under Manipur state but these demands also have the potential to sow the seed for disintegration of Manipur if the Government of India continues to follow its appeasement policy, he cautioned.

Reasoning that the Congress party decided to launch series of agitation due such apprehension, Ibobi opined that there is no reason for state BJP leaders to be emotional on the issue at all.

Congress party decided to skip all-political party meet for preparing a memorandum to be submitted to the Central government leaders due to lack of clarity on the role of NPF which is an ally of BJP, Ibobi said while reiterating that NPF is a political party which is campaigning for integration of Naga areas. Congress party only demanded a clear-cut stand from the NPF that the party would not disintegrate Manipur, he added.

Former deputy chief minister Gaikhangam, who also took part in the protest organised by Kakching Block Congress Committee, said that non-disclosure of details of the Framework Agreement till date heightens apprehension among people that the agreement contain clause which would affect the interest of Manipur and hence Congress party decided to launch the current stir. Congress party has no intention to infringe on interest of any community but would stand steadfastly against any attempt to distort Manipur, he said and recalled that numerous pacts signed during the tenure of Congress government at the Centre like Mizoram, Assam and Punjab accords did not affect any neighbouring states.

The protest at Ibudhou Naohal Ahanba (Naohal-Lai), Khoriphaba Lampak near Kakching bazar was also attended by many leaders of the party including MPCC president TN Haokip, MLA Md Fajur Rahim, former MLAs T Mangibabu and E Dwijamani, Kakching Block Congress Committee president Ksh Ibohal, Kakching Municipal Council Congress councillors, ward mebmbers, MPCC, DCC, BCC leaders and workers.

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