Minister leads campaign to conserve fuel

Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Minister Karam Shyam announced that he will ride bicycle from his official residence to his Old Secretariat office for work every Thursday.

Making his stand public at the flagging off of ‘Cyclothon’ from Malom Depot IOCL, Malom on Sunday, minister Shyam conveyed that the decision of pedalling to the office on every Thursday is in acknowledgement and endorsement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to all citizens to contribute their mite towards conserving fossil fuel.

The minister said riding cycle is a message to all the citizens about the importance of fuel conservation. “As a political leader and as a citizen of the state, we must encourage and promote cycling,” he said.

Appealing to parents and guardians to promote use of bicycle among students and youths instead of two wheeler vehicles and cars, minister Shyam highlighted that since oil is non-renewable source of energy all must use alternative sources for conservation of fossil fuel.

Hailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a visionary, he said: “we must follow his advice not to use petrol or diesel once a week”.

The Minister also said it is the collective responsibility to use fuel judiciously and make fuel conservation an integral part of our lifestyle.

Stressing the need for collective effort for purposefully and sustainably tap resources available in the state, he sought constructive suggestions from all sections of the society to realise the goal of socio-economic development.

Observing that one needs to strive for following and emulating all good deeds, including taking proactive role in checking environmental pollution, minister Karam Shyam assured that if cycling becomes popular among the citizens then the government can consider developing special track or earmarking lanes for the cyclists.

He pointed out that 80 per cent of crude oil requirement of India is imported and remaining 20 per cent (37.46 million metric tonnes) is produced in India.

The Minister along with former vice chancellor of Manipur University Prof H Tombi Singh, IOC officials and around 100 cyclists rode from Malom till Keishampat Oil Pump. The Cyclothon is being held across the country from November 12 till December 31, 2017.

Sunday’s Cyclothon held on the ‘go car free, go care free’ was organised by Public Sector Oil Companies in association with Petroleum Conservation Research Association under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas.

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