Scribes to counter BJP threat with sit-in protest today

Reacting against the ‘life threatening’ statement made by BJP Manipur Pradesh spokesperson RK Shivachandra to All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) president Wangkhemcha Shamjai, the union has decided to stage a sit-in-protest at Keishampat junction on Tuesday.

Addressing media persons in this connection at Manipur Press Club here on Monday, AMWJU advisor N Tombiraj said that an emergency meeting of the union was held Monday over the life threatening statements made by BJP Manipur Pradesh general secretary (administration) K Sarat and spokesperson RK Shivachandra and the subsequent false allegations leveled against AMWJU president Wangkhemcha Shamjai. The meeting regarded the threat posed to AMWJU president as an affront to the whole journalist fraternity and decided to face the challenge in every possible way.

He informed that AMWJU president has been threatened just for speaking out on the issue of allotting security personnel/escorts to non-elected persons. The threat is a direct insult as well as threat to all the journalists of Manipur. As such, AMWJU has decided to launch a sit-in-protest at Keishampat junction from 2pm till 4pm on Tuesday.

Tombiraj also appealed to all organisations and all those who support the journalists and their cause to take part in the protest agitation.

Immediately after the protest agitation, a memorandum highlighting the resolutions adopted during Monday’s emergency meeting will be submitted to the Governor and the copies of the same would be forwarded to the President of India, Prime Minister, Press Trust of India and Indian Journalists' Union, Tombi disclosed.

He further said that a complaint will also be lodged to cyber crime police station for posting derogatory remarks on social media (Facebook) regarding the present issue.

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