GoI-IM deal poses no threat to Manipur: RN Ravi

NEW DELHI, 23rd FEB: RN Ravi, the chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), has rebutted the opposition and Manipur’s charge that the Government of India-NSCN (IM) framework agreement has led to a compromise of territorial integrity.

             In an interview given to ANI here, Ravi said, “Look, I am not going into the political controversies people are making. I will tell you what it (the framework agreement) contains. It contains as I said broad parameters, important parameters; that look violence is no answer, violence cannot bring about any solutions. So, there is a commitment to abjure violence, which is number one. Number two is that a solution will be worked out through dialogue and democratic process. Respecting the people’s wishes is very important, and number three is taking into account the contemporary realities, because you know after 70 years of India becoming independent things have changed a lot since then. The country has changed, the people have changed, people’s perceptions have changed.”

                 The JIC chairman further said that while working out details of the agreement, contemporary realities have to be kept in mind and are very important criteria for consideration.

                    “It (the proposed framework agreement) has nothing to do with Manipur’s territorial integrity. There’s no mention of it at all. So, I would like to make it very clear that the framework agreement is that, an agreement of broad principles. I have to make it very clear that there are many stakeholders in this whole talk process. We are talking to the NSCN. Now, the NSCN is representing the Naga side of the story; but there are others, neighbours of the Nagas, they are very important. Even within Naga society, there are others who wish to share their apprehensions, their sort of understanding, their aspirations,” Ravi said, adding that the aspirations of all stakeholders have to be taken into account and will be taken into account.

            He said that he has made it clear that no solution will or can be reached without taking into account the wishes of the people of Manipur as well. He said that the framework agreement is just a one page document containing broad parameters for working out a final settlement.

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