Gaidon vows to uphold Nagas’ aspiration

While asserting that there is no question of retreating from the struggle for upholding rights of the Naga people, United Naga Council (UNC) president Gaidon Kamei has sought continuous cooperation and support of the Naga organisations and public towards bringing a logical conclusion to the campaign.

Speaking during an Advent Christmas 2017 programme that UNC organised at Ramrei Aze (Lamlai Khunou) village under Ukhrul district on Wednesday, he reminded Naga tribe leaders present on the occasion that the campaign merits collective effort from all stakeholders.

Further stating that the Naga public and organisations need to remain united to take the movement forward for achieving the goal of Nagas’ rights to land and political aspiration, Gaidon affirmed that UNC and other like-minded organisations will never betray the Naga people or relent till the movement has been taken to its logical conclusion.

On the objective of organising the Advent Christmas programme, he highlighted that the gathering of leaders of Naga organisations was inevitable for fresh impetus to the on-going campaign.

Moreover, Nagas could not celebrate Christmas in the right earnest and spirit in 2016 on account of then government defying aspirations of the Nagas and going ahead with the creation of new districts by carving land of the Nagas, Gaidon said.

As it would be infeasible to join celebration of the upcoming Christmas in all the Naga villages UNC believed that Ramrei Aze event would bring together leaders of Naga organisations and provide an occasion to convey gratitude to all concerned for their relentless support to the UNC’s campaign, he explained.

The UNC chief further pointed out that many Naga people could not be reunited with their respective families to celebrate Christmas last year due to the volatile situation that gripped Manipur in the aftermath of the then government creating new districts based on communal intent.

As solidarity to the suffering of the Naga people in Manipur, Nagas settling in various parts of the country or abroad decided to skip Christmas celebration last year, he said and called upon the Naga leaders to be prepared for facing any eventualities for the cause of Naga people.

Functionaries of various Naga organisations from different parts of the state were also felicitated on the occasion with presentation of simple Christmas gifts.

Those present and honoured at the programme for their contribution to the Naga cause included top functionaries of Tangkhul, Zeliangrong, Thangal, Mongsang, Tarao, Maring, Monsang, Moyon, Chothe, Chiru, Kharam, Inpui and Poumai tribes, as well as organisations like CNPO, MWO, ANSAM, NPLF and chairmen of Senapati and Ukhrul ADCs.

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