Lamdeng solid waste plant to produce fuel oil

PREMCHAND THONGAM IMPHAL, 3rd Jan: The used vehicle tyres and plastics which are deposited as waste materials from Imphal city at the Lamdeng solid waste management plant will be made into pyrolysis oil or fuel oil which is equivalent to diesel oil, very soon.

The waste materials being deposited at Lamdeng solid waste management plant were also processed as fertilizers since the last couple of years under the joint collaboration of the Ahmedabad-based Innovative Eco Care Private Limited and Thermotech Systems Ltd. Now, the engineers of Thermotech Systems Ltd are in the process of installing a pyrolysis machine for processing and converting the used vehicle tyres and plastics into fuel.

Consulting engineer of Thermotech Systems Ltd Santosh informed this daily that the pyrolysis machine which is manufactured by Fab India Company is presently under the process of installation at the plant site. There are various units in the machine namely reactor shell, condensation and scrubber units.

The installation process might take around a month and soon after its installation, trial run of the machine would be initiated for commissioning. The machine will convert the hydrocarbons present in the tyres and plastics into gas form and further condensed it and produce fuel oil finally. The fuel produce in the process resembles diesel oil and can be used for multiple purposes, he added.

Santosh also informed that pyrolysis is a process of chemically decomposing organic materials at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. The process typically occurs at temperatures above 430°C (800°F) and under pressure. It simultaneously involves the change of physical phase and chemical composition, and is an irreversible process. The process helps in reprocessing the tyres and plastics into fuel oil, fuel gas and carbon black. Moreover, the bead wires in vehicle tyres are also removed using special kind of magnets and could further be used in steel companies.

He went on to inform that the fuel produced through the pyrolysis process can be used in place of industrial diesel oil. The calorific value of pyrolysis oil is 10,000 Kilo calorie to 1,08,000 kilo calorie. The energy provided by the fuel oil is equivalent to the energy generated by diesel oil. The pyrolysis oil is used for industrial purposes such as boiler furnace burner, hot water burner, hot air generator, hot mix plant burner, etc. Moreover, fuel oil can be used in electric generators and diesel pumps by mixing equal quantity of diesel.

It is said that gasifier equipment has also arrived at the Lamdeng solid waste management plant for producing electricity. There will be 12 gas cylinders used in the gasifier which will produce 2 megawatt of power. During the process the plant will be consuming over 20.5 tonnes of waste and organic materials. The required gas cylinders will be arriving in 20 days.

There will be a time when the Lamdeng solid waste management plant could not provide the required waste materials if both the gasifier and the pyrolysis machine are installed and start functioning.

Here, it may be mentioned that the used vehicle tyres are being purchased at Rs 18 per kg in other states and it will not be far when the people of Manipur realize the value of the thrown away vehicle tyres in workshops and other waste disposal area and make profit out of it.

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