TPC campaigns to expose traffic rules violation

With driving around Imphal city becoming a nightmarish experience owing to traffic congestion on a daily basis, The People’s Chronicle is stating a campaign, with photographic evidence, to expose violation of traffic rules by motorists.

While there has been rapid increase in the number of vehicles hitting the roads contrary to no substantial change in width of the city streets, vehicles overtaking from the wrong side, parking at undesignated spots and motorists ignoring the zebra crossing norms have become the hallmark of Imphal city.

As per information received from the Directorate of Transport, Manipur has a total of 3,40,211 vehicles registered till March 2017.

Violation of traffic rules is liable to be penalised under provisions of various legislations such as ‘Rules of Road Regulations’ which was enacted in July 1989; The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988; The Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989; and rules framed and enforced by traffic and police authorities of cities/towns.

The campaign aims to create awareness on traffic rules and regulations, and hopefully draw the attention of all concerned towards easing the traffic problems.

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